More Stacked Images - How Shall We Build for The Future?

I see the future integral and car free 
beyond the suicidal commitment to fixed fossil fuel disaster
I see an eminently logical conclusion
that restores diversity and face-to-face
and over-leaps the horrendous boundaries we have erected 
 by creating what is in effect a pariah class
of persons taken to be not who they are
but who we project them to be
The integral community of the future is car free
It has a dense population living in complete privacy
within community
It walks to work to play to sing to dance to be
It has intentional sitting areas
There are enough people within a mile 
to enable an economy to grow and flourish
The Top First 
The dank and darkish hole of a past
that has devolved into an oil soaked sprawl
Second  A Plethora of Options
challenging the existence of a dark dank future
Third  An initial Iteration of
a walkable cyber-community
where principles of pattern language
and invention of utterly new construction methods
begin to create safe and secure
How shall begin
We already have begun
We know image one
We sense image two
It remains to venture into iteration
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The Tao of John 11 - How The Writer of John's Gospel Evaded The Prophets

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The Seer was who we can be
But was made a messiah
And now the eyes that still can see
Hark back to Jeremiah
We reach a point in our narration
where it is necessary to say our no
to the messianic reality of the received text
It is an existential choice
a break with the messianic core 
of much of the New Testament
The contention is that
the Seer had in mind what is
and did not aspire to do anything but
demonstrate what is
but that the earliest followers were intent
on repeating the mistakes of their ancestors
and rejecting the purifying efforts 
of the prophets - such as Isaiah
Amos and Jeremiah 
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Triadic Philosophy Two Reality Word Epistemology

The logic of the initial triad
Reality Ethics Aesthetics
is enhanced by the creation of
a few added first level  triads
The triad suggested by the images above
clearly locates word and epistemology in
the scheme of things

Top First is Reality
The penumbra from whence signs or signals or impulses rise
Ungraspable until named  ...

Second is Word
So primary is word that it seems almost
one with signs 
but it represents the interposition of a highly confining element
The product of Reality and Word is
I use the term Epistemology to denote the
primacy of Reality and Word in the creation
of knowing

Third is Epistemoloigy

Epistemology is the product of the knowledge
that results from the union of word and reality
 It is literally the method of knowing
or the realization of knowledge
We know because we put reality into words
Knowledge results when a word takes root
in will  and understanding
And clearly enough
knowledge is never complete
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