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Triadic Philosophy - Squelching The Illusions of Infallibility (Truth Matters)

The initial triad of this philosophy isReality Ethics Aesthetics This philosophy sees triads as the basic way one can think productively Insofar as it is a semiotic enterprise it creates a distinction between useful  terms and the use of such terms as signs or words within a particular triad For example the word sign is not generally useful as a first, second or third but it is of fundamental use to describe the penumbra which is the border  between ourselves and what we do not (yet) know + PARSING THE TRIAD ABOVETop FirstPerfection (Not infrequently we are set on a track of high inspration and feel we have "it" just right clear bright seraphic)
SecondFallibility (Needless to say we are confined by our point of view our capacity for error our biases and prejudices) +ThirdDiscrimination (The action that arises from such thought is a willingness to discriminate to always ask questions even of the most seraphic presuppositions)
Coda I do not agree with Nietzsche that lies can …

The Seer came to show a way that opens life to one and all - The Tao of John 13

The Seer's story differs from the text His deeds spoke of  deathless unity He deals with now while John dwells on what's next The Seer's freedom becomes slavery
Large portions of the text of John look back to tell  the story of one who has become messiah the priestly object of worship If this is what the story is the very flesh and blood it holds is turned to priestly vapors and a saving truth has become cold The Seer dioes not separate the sensual and spiritual The Seer came to show a way that opens life to one and all 
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