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Triadic Philosophy - Freedom and Will Account for The Irreducible Dignity All Persons Possess

Foundational TriadReality Ethics Aesthetics
This TriadFreedom Temptation Decision
Each triad  (of an infinite number) in this philosophy refers to the foundation In  other words knowledge and actions rise from interaction of Reality and Ethics and a resolution in the active realm  under the sign (or word) of Aesthetics THE TRIAD ABOVE Image one 
FirstFreedom (Freedom and will are part of the Reality which rises around us. The essence of our dignity lies in the presence of these within  the penumbra .)
Second Temptation (Temptation is the experience of  Freedom in tension with signs of warning presumptions of danger impulses to exceed limits real or imagined.)
ThirdDecision (We own our response and affirm it as our choice. The key ethical imperative  is that our choice possess the ends to which Aesthetics leads - beauty truth joy peace.)
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The Tao of John 15 - We turn to creed and piety to exempt us when our will balks

See all Tao of John Posts thus Far at Pinterest + The Seer's loyalty was sealed by deeds See what I do then judge from whence I come His word is just what this world needs His prayer let Abba's will be done + The massive irony of the theology of grace is its rejection out of hand of  the way the Seer walks We turn to creed and piety to exempt us  when our will balksStephen's Remarkable Kindle Store