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Triadic Philosophy - Will Good Joy

+Access other Triadic Philosophy sections at Pinterest + Triadic Philosophy involves categorization and consolidation Terms like "will" rise directly by inference from the root First term which is Reality The root Triad of this philosophy isReality Ethics Aesthetics + The triad above is Will Good JoyGood and Joy rise respectively from Ethics and Aesthetics +IMAGE ONEWill (Will is an ontological element of  Reality It is the source of both freedom and responsibility It' implies impulse drive destiny and history) +
IMAGE TWOGood (Will is capable of fathoming the good  but more often than not the good is a source of confusion and conflict until brought into  relationship with will From the ensuing struggle an option for action rises) +
IMAGE THREEJoy (In a mindful existence  in which Will and Good are conscious the options that give rise to the Aesthetic term Joy are those which signal a  a unity between ones experience of pleasure and wholeness in unity with others and the …

The Tao of John 16 -The Seer has a connection to One who wills only the good

+Access all Tao of John Posts at Pinterest + The Seer has a connection to One who wills only the good Good has few takers neath the sun No wonder he's misunderstood + When puzzling the reason why the Seer would even discuss gateways to the holy One It so transcends crass religion that he can but unmask our shame +Stephen's Remarkable Kindle Store

Why most of the big ideas for Sandy recuperation are toast

TOAST FILE "A New Manhattan Project By BILL KELLER Published: November 11, 2012"
Tamara, Ulysses, Vanna - these will hit Manhattan within less than a decade If there is a race going on hurricanes are in the lead and will win That is why most of the solutions to Sandy recuperation are silly Here is the single solution that will work

Everything in danger zones  that can be on the second story or or higher should be This correctly assumes that Sandys will be a regular occurrence It also recognizes that building expensive prrotections would take decades We do not have decades. So elevation to say 15 feet above likely flood range is both doable and smart It does not mean vacated space cannot be used most of the time Only that it is seen as flood bait and therefore secondary Elevation of living in flood zones  will enable construction of raised pedestrian walkways We will relegate vehicles to the nether regions where they …