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Walk on the Seer's way or else do as his enemies have done

+ The people bowed down to the emperor The Seer bowed down to no one Abba was lodged within the Seer's core He cared but that his will be done + This presentation of the Tao of John  ends now It ends with an eternal choice Walk on the Seer's way or else do as his  enemies have doneStephen's Remarkable Kindle Store

Panflick Complete History Book One Excerpt - Someone chanced to say, “Good exegesis”.

THE COMPLETE HISTORY OF ADAM PANFLICK -- BOOK ONE By Stephen C. Rose Book One Chapter One — The Stockbridge Library, Retrieving The Panflick Archives, What To Expect
The library in Stockbridge, Massachusetts is quite attractive to the ordinary tourist who might enter its lofty doors to seek out some sage novel by David Helpern or Louis de Berniers. But I was not there in search of a read. I was there in hopes of discovering the Panflick Archives. Adam Panflick had dumped them there in 1980, the year he left Ganya Mede for good. They were incomplete. Panflick had, by his own admission, destroyed huge amounts of written material prior to the dump. But anything at all was sure to be helpful. I needed to to fill in key gaps in my hero’s history.
On a hot August day, I drove from Manhattan up the Taconic, over to Route 7 and north to to the town where Adam lived after he burnt himself out at the Democratic Convention in Chicago in 1968 until the day he concluded it was hopeless to continue tr…