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The place of logic, mathematics and science in Triadic Philosophy

The place where we are within the continuity that is our reality  creates conditions that will enable enough of a move  from binary to triadic thinking  to save us from the worst consequences of rearguard effort to defeat it  +  The enabling conditions are the fruits of triadic thinking  the rewards of an embrace of Triadic Philosophy  +  The simple yet foundational triad of this philosophy  Reality Ethics Aesthetics invites the thinker to build triads on the basis of these terms  Reality the First  Ethics the Second  Aesthetics the Third  +  The perspective of this pragmaticist approach  enables a revolutionary categorical distinction in which key processes  like logic mathematics and science  are considered as means rising up  in the ontological realm   to serve the pragmaticist project  which is to expand the scope and depth of Triadic Philosophy  +  The ontological root value non-idolatry  serves to place logic mathematics and science  within the realm of our finite real not …