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Triadic Philosophy - Our Three Separate Universes

+ Triadic Philosophy thinks in threesReality Ethics Aesthetics This initial triad serves to anchor an endless flow of triads that refer back in some way to the implicit beginning point  Reality The inevitable  challenge to Reality is Ethics The active and measurable  and apposite effort to materialize a response in the world is Aesthetics + Triadic Philosophy accepts three separate universesFirst The first the universe that is contiguous with the self Our common universe as structured individually  as consciousness or bodymind We often take this first to be our only universe It is in fact the theater of Reality's progress  through Ethics to Aesthetic realization Ultimately What is achieved in this universe individually and collectively is the making of  progress in historySecond The second universe is our proof that there is something out there that is not us It is the blunt truth that we take to be real It IS real It defies those philosophic premises that limit reality to consci…

Triadic Philosophy sees memory as both past and present

Triadic Philosophy sees memory as both past and present We live in the now but can summon up the past and do  both willfully and spontaneously This memory is part of a text in my book of sonnetsWinning the War Within The sonnet expresses a present resolution of what over time had become a painful sense of loss The action of will on memory suggests the triad Memory Will Resolution It partakes of what psychology calls sublimation It is an aesthetic resolution of a past no longer real save in memory Our freedom is more substantial than is often acknowledged It inudes this capacity to process memory to see it past to observe it to distance it to see it as something that is in the now just as are all the other fleeting signs that we call memories
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