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Parousia Is A Bust - Panflick Excerpt Early 1940s (Kindle)

The Complete History if Adam Panflick is a work in progress. Eight books of ten to fifteen chapters each have been completed, covering 19th Century and early 20th century suppositions up through the tumultuous 1960s. These are Kindle books. I create them solo. Inevitably, they lack the final polish one might expect in a completed work. But they also are free of the constraints of editorial interference. The following is an excerpt from Chapter One of Book Three. It is set in Manhattan in the early 1940s. It is self-explanatory.
Book Three — Chapter One Parousia is a Bust, Adam Is Scarred for Life , Manhattan is Adam’s Oyster
Were this a symphony, I think it would have two themes when it reached the period covered by the present book. It would have a dogged theme, almost Stakhanovite, a Moldau shorn of trills and evocations of sweetness, fluidity and light. That would be Mildred and Melchezedek forging ahead in the realm of acquisitions, building and generally doing their thing, if one m…