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The Aftermath of Leaving Renewal Magazine

My leaving Renewal Magazine was a long process that began in late 1965. At the apex of the magazine's rise to considerable success, the Chicago City Missionary Society itself began to grow in national prominence. It eventually renamed itself  the Community Renewal Society. In the process overtures came to expand Renewal Magazine and I agreed to add a New York office and to bring on Jim McGraw as New York Editor. Growth of the magazine continued but I was less and less at ease with the direction we were taking. Precisely when this was happening, I began to work on my book The Grass Roots Church. In the summer of 1965 I took my family to Europe and worked exclusively on the book, It became pretty obvious to me that Renewal could function without me. Jim was a well-connected and capable editor and a good writer. I had made some initial overtures to see if we might consolidate the progressive media - uniting Renewal with Christianity and Crisis and The Christian Century - but there we…