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The Aftermath of Jonathan's Wake - How We Fared

Four of us I see as the core of Jonathan's Wake were Will Campbell, Jim McGraw, Lew Wilkins and myself. There was a California contingent that was as much a part of it as we were, but it would not be until after the Detroit experience in 1969 that I would come to know them as friends and associates. So to answer the question of how we fared after the Wake I will deal with Jim, Will, Lou and myself.

I would say that Will and I, in our own ways, kept doing what we always had done. Both of us sat light to the institutional church and both had a similar analysis of its problems. We did not fade away after Detroit. But we each operated less and less as part of any effort to renew the churches or to work within church structures. Will ran The Committee of Southern Churchmen and was able to support his modest Mt. Juliet, TN, existence with income derived from the Committee and earnings as an author and speaker. For about two years following the Wake I was paid a modest consultant's fe…