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Triadic philosophy moves well beyond liberation theology

It has been many years since liberation theology made an appearance on the cultural horizon. I may have been among the first to publish materials that helped frame the movement. As editor of RISK at the World Council of Churches in 1966, I dedicated The Development Apocalypse to Camilo Torres who died in the same year. His strand of liberation theology was bound up with the effort to reconcile Catholicism and Marxism and, in particular, to justify armed struggle as a Christian option. I was and remain sufficiently steeped in the ethic of nonviolence that this sort of liberation theology held scant appeal for me at the time. I became even more critical as I watched the emergence of what I would call Liberation Theology Lite in subsequent decades. I found these iterations superficial. We already knew that Jesus was on the side of the angels.  That he cared more for justice than being worshiped. To construct so-called liberation theologies to tell us so seemed to me a concession to the c…

Triadic Philosophy Why are ethics and aesthetics fundamental to the thought process?

Why are ethics and aesthetics fundamental to the thought process these are premises but do they reflect truth  why is this premise revolutionary why is pragmaticism revolutionary why is this right for now
Because signs are whatever they are and rise up in RealityBecause activation rises from resistance and resistance to Reality can be called Ethicsin the sense of always questioningeven opposingAnd becauseAesthetics is the objective of our living and breathingresponse to the coalescence between Reality and EthicsThis is pragmaticismThis is Triadic PhilosophyStephen's Remarkable Kindle Store