CAR FREE - Why Health Requires Car Free Communities

Continuing the drafting of the forthcoming
Kindle book 
CAR FREE 71 Aphorisms 


Public health will improve if retrograde forces 
do not hamper current efforts to improve it
But as long as the car and highway culture rules
we will have a society that tends toward the obese and indolent
Car free communities would largely eliminate both
obesity and indolence
Car free communities would enable 
travel everywhere by foot
For most walking unimpeded 
with no traffic to deal with is a pleasure
For those who wish to prolong life 
it approaches the necessary
A half hour walk daily 
is the new apple a day


I envision communities on four levels
in an eco-sufficient structure somewhat like a stadium
It would contain all elements of a community
residences workplaces shops businesses
piazzas squares multiple kiosks
Life would be structured to make the outside 
as enjoyable as one's own private spaces
One could walk unimpeded for miles
along interesting byways
teeming with life but not over-crowded
There would be places to sit and rest or recreate
every 300 feet
It would be a walkers' paradise
And all because in a single square mile of God's earth
cars if needed at all
would be relegated to the periphery
This is but one of the public health
ramifications of living car free

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