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Where does Abba's Way Fit in to Triadic Philosophy?

Few have heard of  Triadic Philosophy and Abba's Waybut I hope in time many more willTriadic Philosophy is a universal philosophyAbba's Way is the way Jesus taught Triadic Philosophy is a Kindle bookAbba's Way is available in all formats
Triadic Philosophy builds ontriadic thinking which is thinking in threesan idea developed by Charles Sanders PeirceTriadic Philosophy begins with 1 Realitypasses it through 2 Ethicsand emerges as action or experiment at 3 AestheticsReality > Ethics > Aesthetics
Abba's Way belongs to the Second - EthicsIt is the way Jesus taughtnot the largely false religion ChristianityAbba represents Jesus' playful arch designation of RealityMystery always unfoldingUnnameableAbba means the familiar father or dadsomeone with whom we can converseAnd we doThe prayer Jesus taughtand the gumption to converse directly with Abbais all one needs to embark on Abba's way
A strong inferencealmost a deductionfrom Jesus is that he taught theroot value o…