Where does Abba's Way Fit in to Triadic Philosophy?

Few have heard of  Triadic Philosophy and Abba's Way
but I hope in time many more will
Triadic Philosophy is a universal philosophy
Abba's Way is the way Jesus taught 
Triadic Philosophy is a Kindle book
Abba's Way is available in all formats

Triadic Philosophy builds on
triadic thinking which is thinking in threes
an idea developed by Charles Sanders Peirce
Triadic Philosophy begins with 1 Reality
passes it through 2 Ethics
and emerges as action or experiment at 3 Aesthetics
Reality > Ethics > Aesthetics

Abba's Way belongs to the Second - Ethics
It is the way Jesus taught
not the largely false religion Christianity
Abba represents Jesus' playful 
arch designation of Reality
Mystery always unfolding
Abba means the familiar father or dad
someone with whom we can converse
And we do
The prayer Jesus taught
and the gumption to converse directly with Abba
is all one needs to embark on Abba's way

A strong inference
almost a deduction
from Jesus 
is that he taught the
root value of Non-idolatry
(iconoclasm, our confession of 
ignorance before mystery) 
and the active values of
Helpfulness Tolerance and Democracy
The rights of all
Justice for all 

That way has been trampled 
The name of Jesus has been applied to 
acts that are heinous

Triadic Philosophy will evolve us
beyond war via democratic revolution
And it will help make the practice of
forgiveness a political act
It is after all a contractual obligation
in the text of the only prayer 
that Jesus ever taught
No one can be forgiven
without forgiving others

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