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Short Short Story - How We Turned The US Blue

It was back in the winter of '12. The Big Flu.We saw the writing on the wall. We took all we had and like the early pioneers set out. But instead of going to California we went to Red States.At first we were well received. The little Nebraska town we moved to seemed happy to welcome us. They had never seen people like us up close, but we soon convinced them that we meant no harm. Money was declining in value, but a little goes a long way in most Red States, particularly in the most depressed rural areas.  The first trouble came in 2016 when all of us registered as true blue Democrats. The local papers ran stories saying that Democratic registration had increased by a staggering rate. We began to feel serious heat.It got worse when the Democrats won the House that year.We began to note another phenomenon. In a migration game, two can play. There began to be a sort of gerrymandering volkerwanderung. GOP sorts began moving to Alabama.When the New York Times ran a two page spread on t…