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Sestina - She walked in from the cold her name was Ann

She walked in from the cold her name was Ann  I was a willing fish she was the bait  In her left hand she held a colander  I stared at it I must have seemed quite daft  I've never been a fan of entropy  My heart was bruised a middle-aged failure 
Ann's search for work had also met failure  I had a job to offer I told Ann  Nothing like work to zap our entropy  And douse all thought of ending up as bait  My mind was lucid peaceful hardly daft  I asked her why she had that colander 
She smiled and handed me the colander  She said it was to save us from failure  I was amused I said Ann that's quite daft  But her look seemed to say I'll be your Ann  And in an instant I swallowed the bait  And lunged for love to beat back entropy 
Who would not wish to conquer entropy  I looked at Ann I took her colander  Suppressing any thought of being bait Or of repeating any past failure  I gladly gave what love I had to Ann No one around me thought me dumb or daft
But now I see…