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Triadic Philosophy - Ethics - Things That Help

Triadic Philosophy is a universal understanding based onthe root triadReality Ethics Aesthetics
Reality is the universe that we both know and do not know It is the reality within which all evolvesReality has within it deep patterns that suggest mind unity and directionReality is the source of  signs words and ideas 
Ethics is the realm that stands between us and realityIt is the filter or colander containing the elements by which wearrive at actions that make up our livesThe failure to cultivate this realm and its subordinationto philosophies that reject the following premiseis a telling explanation of the follies that Triadic Philosophy overcomes
Within ethics there are four values which Triadic Philosophy seesas ontologicalas a deep pattern in realityThe root value is Non-idolatryIts active companions areTolerance Helpfulness and Democracy
The Internet is stunted in defining helpfulnessit equates helpfulness with being of useThat is a substantial reduction of meaningHelpfulness is at ve…

Pure upon the page crazy ideal

Pure upon the page crazy idealpenetrate a mind youcannot plumbparticle to wave to particlethen somehowsomewhere in thedeepest placea pure embrace
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