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Triadic Philosophy - What Are Our Most Significant Achievements?

When Jesus said you are not far from the kingdom of heavenhe was signifying achievementsTriadic Philosophy understands achievements as actions whichare consistent with the values ofdemocracy tolerance helpfulnessand non-idolatryAchievement is clearly NOT what many take it to beTriadic Philosophy saysour most significant achievements are our participation in the democratic process(including our exercise of the right to voteor our struggle to attain that right)our practice of tolerance toward othersand our practice of helpfulness -the whole range of activities thatdescribe our positive acts as part of society
Our overweening preoccupation with individual achievementis a snare and a delusionI am not talking about attaining personal benchmarksand being satisfied I am talking about believing that your value and worthis thereby enhancedOnly to the extent that the values noted aboveare willed and exercisedis there achievement that falls in thecategory of progress or continuityor making life m…