Triadic Philosophy - What Are Our Most Significant Achievements?

When Jesus said you are not far from the kingdom of heaven
he was signifying achievements
Triadic Philosophy understands achievements as actions which
are consistent with the values of
democracy tolerance helpfulness
and non-idolatry
Achievement is clearly NOT what many take it to be
Triadic Philosophy says
our most significant achievements are 
our participation in the democratic process
(including our exercise of the right to vote
or our struggle to attain that right)
our practice of tolerance toward others
and our practice of helpfulness -
the whole range of activities that
describe our positive acts as part of society

Our overweening preoccupation with individual achievement
is a snare and a delusion
I am not talking about attaining personal benchmarks
and being satisfied 
I am talking about believing that your value and worth
is thereby enhanced
Only to the extent that the values noted above
are willed and exercised
is there achievement that falls in the
category of progress or continuity
or making life more heavenly
which is the purpose of existence 
made crystal clear in the Lord's Prayer

It is not necessary to embrace
religion of any sort
to practice Triadic Philosophy
It is necessary only to recognize
the universal values within each person
and to will and practice them 
In this willing and practice are the 
only achievements that finally count

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