Triadic Philosophy - Economy Ethics Aesthetics

Triadic Philosophy embraces profound simplicities
that expose the obfuscations
that shelter injustice

A good example is the massive gap between 
wealth and poverty
a gap which has nothing to do with
laziness or lack of ability
and everything to do with
the manifold means of advantage 
available to those who find themselves
among the privileged

Jesus was spot on when he said
we will always have the poor with us
but this has nothing to do with accepting 
poverty as inevitable
It has everything to do with a clear-eyed view 
of hypocrisy the glue
of our unjust world order

Triadic Philosophy is the 
simple direct and efficacious means
of upsetting this order 
with words that serve as signs
that serve to activate the wills of billions
who can in unison alter injustice
with a minimum of conflict
merely by refusing to accept
a world that sustains itself
as ours does

With that preamble
a triad of liberation

Economy - 
the sign of thrift reason and fairness to all
Ethics - the necessity of overcoming the idolatry
intolerance unhelpfulness 
and undemocratic strategies
by which the powers maintain sway
and finally
Aesthetics -
the daily means by which we reverse
unjust conditions
so that beauty and truth coalesce
in lives full loving
and spirit-filled
Do not deceive yourself into 
regarding these statements as naive
On reflection you will see that daily work
toward tolerance helpfulness
democracy and non-idolatry
is the very soul of overcoming
and that individuals empower this soul

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