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Triadic Philosophy - Economy Ethics Aesthetics

Triadic Philosophy embraces profound simplicitiesthat expose the obfuscationsthat shelter injustice
A good example is the massive gap between wealth and povertya gap which has nothing to do withlaziness or lack of abilityand everything to do withthe manifold means of advantage available to those who find themselvesamong the privileged
Jesus was spot on when he saidwe will always have the poor with usbut this has nothing to do with accepting poverty as inevitableIt has everything to do with a clear-eyed view of hypocrisy the glueof our unjust world order
Triadic Philosophy is the simple direct and efficacious meansof upsetting this order with words that serve as signsthat serve to activate the wills of billionswho can in unison alter injusticewith a minimum of conflictmerely by refusing to accepta world that sustains itselfas ours does
With that preamblea triad of liberation
Economy - the sign of thrift reason and fairness to allEthics - the necessity of overcoming the idolatryintolerance u…