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Triadic Philosophy - Is There Any Truth in Triads?

Is there any truth in triadsIs a triad only in the eye of the beholderOr is there a universal basis for assuming the usefulness of triadic thoughtI would never make a claim for sentence threeor say yes to sentence one and no two sentence twowere it not for my encounter withthe semiotic thoughtof Charles Sanders PeirceWhen I speak of Peirce I am careful to sayI express my own conclusionsMany great thinkers can be taken in many waysThe semiotic I derive from Peirce(and by semiotic I mean the landscape of his thoughtand the process by which it attains logic)is triadicPeirce does not think in any other wayPeirce thinks truth in my viewSo I would say truth lies in triadsIn thinking in threes one can arrive at truths one can useIt makes sense to see the very process of thinking as triadic
What does this meanIt involves a First Second and ThirdFirst in my view is what rises up every time our mind worksthe thing we settle on(we settle on many things and anything can be a Firstby virtue of enco…