Open Source Economics can work in the US under current law

Open Source Economics can work in the US 
can and should be incorporated as not for profit
They do not replace the current economy
They enable the expansion of the Open Source model

Like-minded persons should
create models of communities
sponsor creation of plans and designs
actually build communities
using pre-made components such as 
standard surfaces 
sound-proof walls
a matrix made up of modular components
The iteration of
these efforts
can be hugely profitable via 
licensing arrangements
royalties and fees

Community that is integral needs to 
sieze current imagination
An integral Cyber Community
is the car-free
celebration of the coming megalopolis
This is a the major business frontier of this century

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Reality > Ethics > Aesthetics - Imagining Cyber-Communities 1

Reality - Billions Living in Poverty Conditions
Ethics - Tolerance, Democracy, Helpfulness, Non-Idolatry
Aesthetics - Car-free Cyber-Communities 
Each line is a walkable way
Each space between lines contains modular spaces
for residence work commerce institutions
or open space
The entire structure is a matrix conducting all
that must move in and out of spaces
Surfaces are like lego pieces in the sense that they all fit together
and are standardized and flexible in terms of their relationships
The large areas toward the center are
spaces for the use of the whole community
recreation sports celebrations infirmaries town hall
  The distance from edge to edge is one mile
Three or four levels is the maximum height
Most elements of an urban existence are found in each community
The community enables local economies to develop naturally
Education is scaled down to many nodes with small class sizes
in high tech spaces with multiple uses 24/7
Sharing of public spaces is assumed
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