Triadic Philosophy - The Truth of Reality

Unless Reality is understood to be the beginning point
philosophy founders on the confusion between what is 
meta or methodological premise elaboration
and what is real 
Triadic Philosophy
holds that Reality
is more that what we have held to be real
(we hold most of what we "know" to be so)
Reality is also every sign thought or idea 
that rises in our minds
There is no distinction in Triadic Philosophy
between the thought of this keyboard I am tapping
which has material substance
and which most would concede to be real
and my idea of keyboards
or anything else that flits through my mind
nanosecond by nanosecond
It is all Reality
But that is NOT all
Reality is also the realm of
truths that we may not yet have thought 
signs we may not yet have perceived
and ideas we may not have thought of
It is at this point that Triadic Philosophy asserts
ontological premises
that are held to be consistent with logic and reason
and validated by experiment and experience
To give merely two examples
Will exists within Reality
Freedom exists within Reality
The truth 
(and reality for us and within us)  
of Reality
is the entire subject matter
of Triadic Philosophy

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