Triadic Philosophy thinks in triads or threes.

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Triadic Philosophy thinks in triads or threes. 
This means that when we consciously 
receive a sign or a word or a thought 
we regard it as the First or Reality. 
The Second in Triadic Philosophy is Ethics 
which means that the First 
(whatever it may be) 
immediately becomes subsumed 
by the ensuing encounter with the ethical realm. 
In Triadic Philosophy this means that  
our reality encounters Tolerance, Helpfulness, 
Democracy and Non-Idolatry. 
These are the ontological values of Triadic Philosophy 
and can be shown to be, taken together, 
the very engines of human progress. 

The result of this encounter is a dyad 
which is then linked to the Third, 
or Aesthetic, realm. 
This realm is the point at which 
the rubber hits the road. 
It is the point at which the thinking process 
moves from consideration to activation, 
to actualization, to our reality with a small r. 
If the sign was poverty
 and the dominant ethical response 
was the felt need for more democracy, 
then the Aesthetic response would be 
whatever strikes you as an action 
or effort or experiment that has elements of 
truth and beauty. 
Note that the Triadic Philosophy thought process 
precludes many elements of harm. 
In Triadic Philosophy 
harm is synonymous with evil, 
particularly when it is sustained 
and intentional and tends 
toward violence and even death.

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