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Triadic Philosophy Commentary - End Binary Wars

End Binary Wars
With all the talk of drones, the issue should be ending binary wars period.Anytime someone is consciously killed, the human project fails.The evil of murder is the same whether by local bullies, domestic abusers, drone operators or soldiers in battle.All evil processes start with an ill-considered "reason" and end with a death. They are binary events, resulting froman either-or mentalityand ignorance of Triadic Philosophy.Only a world which thinks triadicallycan end binary violence.
Triadic Philosophy places three conditions on every act.Consider actions consciously.All actions should be tolerant, helpful, democratic, non-idolatrous.All actions have as their aim both truth and beauty.This is thinking in threes.This is Triadic Philosophy.
A tall order you say?We now use less than one tenth of our mental capacity.We hand our powers of criticism to others.We serve agendas we do not choose. We fail to see the power ofa direct, simple relationship to the ultimate rea…