Triadic Philosophy - We Call The Shots

Is it within human power to 
achieve global harmony?
It has never been anywhere else.
We have always had a fail safe 
way to start over.
We could always call upon Reality
and receive a response.
The Captain Ahabs of the world
need white whales to confirm 
their impotence
when they choose to defy limits
and fall into the binary trap..
The self-forgiving Falstaff's need only the
capacity to see through rationalization
to injustice and hypocrisy.

We are at the crucial time 
when the clothing of the
emperor is shedding fast, 
revealing nothing but the 
same old same old 
everybody knows.
Protagonist antagonist hook
sell book but that plot too will fail.
The new plot is triadic. 

We have the power in one day to 
change the course of history.
Individuals are porous but they are also
the units of actuality when it comes to
unfolding life on earth.
As democracy is achieved,
power is spread.
As communication is enhanced,
rights and values can be heralded.
All things tend toward truth.
We have always been 
the determiners of history.
The choices we make
are the consequences we create.
Live with it.
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Triadic Philosophy - Words To Make A Revolution By


We will not fight.
We will not consciously kill.
We will not support or 
work for lethal enterprises.
We will defend the right of 
women to to decide when to 
create new human life.
We will work locally
to end bullying
and all forms of violence.
We will say that when
there are either-or situations
there is always a third way
that may prove truthful
and beautiful.
We will advocate for 
universal human rights
using all media over which 
we exercise control.
We will consciously advocate 
the universal values of
tolerance, helpfulness, 
democracy and non-idolatry.
We will say that history
finally depends on 
the willingness of individuals
to take this stand
one person at a time.

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