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Triadic Philosophy Commentary - The Seismic Move Beyond Mass Movements

Remember the power of angry masses in old movies.Witness the use of real angry masses in what passes for news.It's the binary-feeders at work.
Triadic Philosophy paves the way for an end to thisdeleterious celebration of conflict leading to violence.The sign of this sea change was orderly lines at polls in the United Statesexercising the right to vote in the 2012.Peaceful. Effective. Beautiful. True.
The sooner we move from the binary either-or trap of assuming you "beat the man"by loud, screaming numbers,to a chorus of delighted idiot commentary,the sooner a new exodus,a new power to the people,built on three universal elements of change.1. Unjust reality.2. Remedial values (Democracy)3. Experimental actions, grounded in Aesthetics,in truth and beauty.
Those voting lines were beautiful. They changed politics.The clothing of the Emperor frayed.The beautiful truth is this:Democracy is universal.It's how we live together nonviolently.
The future lies in lines like t…