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Triadic Philosophy - Aesthetics has been badly treated by philosophy.

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I am just starting to read Schiller on Aesthetics.Kindle is wonderful and so are those who createKindle books for free.Charles Sanders Peirce said he was mightily influencedby Schiller's Letters on Aestheticsand I am anticipating a good read.But let me first say that in the case of Peirceand most other philosophers,aesthetics has received shabby treatment.Aesthetics is not only about fine art. Aesthetics is the realm in which we fashion our existence 24/7whether we know it or not.To relate aesthetics to the world of artistsignores this.Aesthetics is the realm in which each of us plays out our effort to achieve beauty and truth, indeed to make beauty and truth one.Aesthetics is the theater of life.It provides the basis for judging the value ofall actions by standards that are clear and experiential,in quality and affect.In the simple hierarchy of conscious thought,Aesthetics is superseded only by Ethicsand then by Reality itself.These are the categoriesof Triadic Philosoph…