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Triadic Philosophy - Integrating My Categories with Pierce's Icons, Indices, Symbols

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Introductory NoteThe best introduction far and awayto Charles Sanders Peirce's semiotics(theory of signs)is my Kindle bookThe Essential PeirceSelected Philosophical WritingsVolume Twobeginning at Chapter Three and continuing.The short text below derives from reading thisand catching my first true glimmer of the utility of Peirce's division of signs intoIcon, Index and Symbol.As he writes, Peirce indicates how fluid logic is and,implicitly, the infantile state ofour intellectual efforts.It is enough to induce humility among academicsif not among those of us who natter at them.  
The root triad Reality, Ethics, Aesthetic seems  naturally to segue with Charles Sanders Pierce's terms for the division of signs. The Peirce triad for signs is icons, indices and symbols. The images, thoughts and ideas which arise in Reality are icons.We create and name them. They point to something.In the realm of Ethics we find indices. They are the elements needed for understanding…