Triadic Philosophy - Integrating My Categories with Pierce's Icons, Indices, Symbols

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Introductory Note
The best introduction far and away
to Charles Sanders Peirce's semiotics
(theory of signs)
is my Kindle book
The Essential Peirce
Selected Philosophical Writings
Volume Two
beginning at Chapter Three and continuing.
The short text below derives from reading this
and catching my first true glimmer of 
the utility of Peirce's division of signs into
Icon, Index and Symbol.
As he writes, Peirce indicates how fluid logic is and,
implicitly, the infantile state of
our intellectual efforts.
It is enough to induce humility among academics
if not among those of us who natter at them.  


The root triad Reality, Ethics, Aesthetic seems 
naturally to segue with Charles Sanders Pierce's terms
for the division of signs.
The Peirce triad for signs is icons, indices and symbols.
The images, thoughts and ideas which arise
in Reality are icons.
We create and name them.
They point to something.
In the realm of Ethics we find indices. 
They are the elements needed for understanding the sign.
This may constitute a blunt truth, even a barrier, 
to the sign we are considering.
The fruit of the triadic process is in Aesthetics
our symbolic realm of activation.
The symbol so derived becomes
our reality.


I do not seek to represent  Peirce
but to observe points where his thinking
may - I stress may -
amplify what is essentially 
an original philosophy that integrates
inspirations traceable to Peirce, Assagioli,
Nietzsche and the Gospel of Mark.
Applying the sign divisions icon, index and symbol
to my root triad adds depth and functionality.
To understand this existentially
seems to me a serious advance.


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