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The Car Free Road To National Prosperity - 1

THE CAR FREE ROAD TO NATIONAL PROSPERITYCar free does not mean no cars. It means the age of the automobile is ending along with the age of oil.National prosperity will return. Computer technology will produce a brand new world. 3D printing can create the components of an entirely new method of construction.  Lego-like surfaces can be mass-produced by 3D printers and sent anywhere. The parts of a matrix which will hold enough surfaces to create spaces for a whole community can be likewise created and sent anywhere.The evolved 3D industry will dwarf the car industry. The lure of incredible wealth will tell the tale. And, in the bargain, the plutocrats will finally understand that a society where everyone is fulfilled is the wave of the future.Cars will survive, yes, but they will no longer determine how we live.  They will no longer dictate design. They will no longer be what’s sexy. The world moves on.Stephen's Remarkable Kindle Store