The four noble truths of Triadic Philosophy

The four noble truths of Triadic Philosophy 
can be expressed in many ways 
but they all boil down to 
statements about four words: 
Tolerance, Helpfulness, 
Democracy and Non-idolatry. 
These words are the ontological basis 
for the ethical barrier or gateway 
between all human beings and 
Reality on one side 
and on the other the Aesthetic realm 
which we occupy and where we fashion 
our ongoing performance 
as occupants of Earth. 
These words describe the only 
ascriptions of worth that 
would be worth saying 
if you were toting up things 
you had done that made you admirable, 
good, noble, etc. 
You might then say:
"I have practiced tolerance 
by being strong in the face of difficulties 
and forgiving in the face of things I abhor 
and non-judgmental toward those 
with whom I profoundly disagree. 
I have practiced helpfulness by keeping 
my eyes open to the needs of others 
and by giving of myself as I am able. 
I have practiced democracy 
by speaking out for humane values and rights 
and by exercising my own rights 
to life, dignity and freedom. 
And I have stood silent and speechless 
before the vast vista of Reality 
which I will never, 
from where I am, 
grasp but which I daily affirm.  

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Triadic Tales - It's Lovely Out There - Part Two Short Story


She heard it all, At 94, Mildred Panflick felt younger than springtime. She was able to tolerate wakefulness with consummate grace. There was no rise in her steady heartbeat when, from down the hall, came the pleasant sounds of  love-making. The ringing phone surprised her. She could  hear every word. Adam sounded cold, as if he was avoiding something. More words. Then the front door opened. Then Adam returned. There was a welcome change in tone.  Then she fell softly  to sleep. 


Adam sat in the chair by the phone in his underwear. He did not exactly look at Ellie. She watched him. 

Abba whose home in heaven is  
Hallowed and holy is your name 
Let your realm come your will be done
Till earth and heaven are the same 

He sang to himself,  knowing, enjoying an inner exaltation. 

Give us this day our daily bread  
Forgive the wrongs that we have done  
As we forgive those who do wrong  
Lead us not into temptation  

There!  He exhaled audibly, then smiled.  He looked at Ellie.  “Whew,” he said involuntarily.


When Ellie was fourteen, Terwilliger tried to rape her. He walked in the back door. She was taking a shower. He crossed the floor and stood there.  The house was empty. It was spring. He had been following her forever. He had never seen anyone so beautiful.  He had come close to trying before, but held back. He was scared. He was heavy-set, almost chubby.  He had a wife and kids. He could not speak. At first she did not notice. Then she did. When they finally struggled, she instinctively reached for his finger, the one with the big gold ring, and yanked it back as hard as she could. She felt it break. He was still yelling at her as she ran into the kitchen and called the cops.


Terwilliger got off with a light reprimand from the chief. The incident served to turn what had been an obsession into a calculated rectitude which served him well as he rose to succeed the chief  and eventually retired with a measure of honor.  The Inn hired him to supervise their security. He watched TV accounts of rapists and abusers of women and girls and thanked the Lord he was not as they.  

Ellie watched Adam and noted the change. 

"What's happening?" she said. "What were you doing?"

"Mm mm," Adam chuckled. "Getting forgiven. Forgiving. It's reciprocal."

Ellie's green eyes opened wider. "What?"

"Terwilliger spooked me. I forgot myself. I needed to sit."

"Would you care to answer my question. What were you doing?"

Adam wanted nothing more than to answer her but it was not something he could say in ten seconds or perhaps even in an hour and he was hardly settled on whether he wanted to carry this on.

"Can you just say one word to explain what you mean by reciprocal?" Ellie said. 

She stood up and walked toward Adam.

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