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Triadic Tales - The Ball - Short Story (Part One)

Triadic Tales - The Ball - Short Story (Part One)PART TWOPART THREE
When Alice was three she got her first ball. 
Alice had wanted to reach into Reality and grab one ever since she was aware of their existence past the Veil of Darkness at the end of the yard. 
She was an only child and it was not her fault that her Mother was a Ranger living far from the Metropolis. 
It is virtually impossible to translate distances in a way that readers on Earth will comprehend. The best way to look at it is to consider the termite in relation to an Earth Person and then multiply to the tenth power. 
The notion that earth itself could be a mere ball, floating in the darkness, a ball which Alice might covet, as most other children her age did, is incomprehensible. But I am merely trying to communicate things as they actually are. And if that upsets those who have, in a cavalier manner, posited as a universe a mere pocket of playthings,  just remember how a termite feels when she sees the…