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A Note on Peirce's Way of Wisdom Sent to the Peirce List

A Note on Peirce's Way of Wisdom Sent to the Peirce List
On page 250 of Kenneth Laine Ketner's A Thief of Peirce begins a remarkable short essay on the importance of religion for Peirce. Ketner says, "Perhaps we we should refer to his whole output as being a way of wisdom." I have, instinctively, from my background in theology and radical criticism of Christianity, assumed this from the beginning of my recent exposure to CSP. Anyone interested in how I have parsed this can find bits and pieces on my blog. This is the best gateway: Search results for Triadic Philosophy or in two short Kindle Books atStephen's Remarkable Kindle Store 
Ketner's book features Walker Percy  who was a good friend of  my 40 year colleague and friend  Will Campbell  who would probably pass muster  as a person after CSP's own heart.
Best, S