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Triadic Tales - The Ball - Short Story (Part Three)

Triadic Tales - The Ball - Short Story (Part Three)PART TWOPART ONE
Alice and her mother now live in a cyber community in Metropolis. Metropolis fills almost all of Reality.
Alice is thirteen, She has completed her tests. She  reads philosophy.  She has a girl friend.
Alice's mother is different these days.  She's svelte. Her lusts are not obvious.  She has no lasting resentments. And the  Daily Discipline she scorned is now a cornerstone.
On earth as in heaven.
She knows about gently moving forward. She knows how to make instant decisions. She gives time to herself.
Alice is still a handful. She's choosy.  She's fresh. She's unpredictable. And very, very smart.
The ball Alice called "icky"  has a prime place at the Reality Research Center. Among more than a hundred such balls. each once an inhabited planet - Alice's is now the most revered.
The Research Center is a community like every other in Reality.  Alice ascends its gentle ways. She pa…