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Triadic Tales - The Conversation - Short Story (Part One)

Triadic Tales - The Conversation - Short Story (Part One) 
"So how were we talking then?" Adam asked. 
"Before we talked?"
"It works like this. Every life is marked by the freedom to discover all that can be discovered. Some exercise it. Others do not. Everything is under everyone's nose."
Adam took these strolls every day. The doctor said it beat an apple. He walked back and forth, avoiding people who passed by at a fast clip. His pace and cadence varied, depending.
"So I had a sense," Adam continued.
"Let me tell you the access code, Adam. It's simple. Ask. Seek. Knock.  Abba. A universal key. Millions use it. Billions sense it. You know well enough who finds it. And why others do not."
Adam allowed five minutes for these and other guidances, alternating with five for the prayer. Six segments in all. He took in what had been said. 
"OK," he answered. "When I looked for you in the eyes of stra…