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Triadic Tales - Caught - Short Story (Part Three)

Triadic Tales - Caught - Short Story (Part Three)
Sterling jumped back as if he had seen a ghost. "Go away," he cried.
Christy stood and walked toward him, reaching out, not speaking.
Sterling could not tell if she was mad or in some loving mode. Christie wrapped her arms around him. He was trembling. 
"Why are you here," he said. But it came out wrong. He meant it to be one way, not this way.
"I can't let you go," she said. "I don't care what you do or say."
"No," Sterling cried. He wanted to run down the hill to the street and lose himself in the enfolding darkness. "I don't need anyone. Please."
It wasn't right. That is what Sterling knew deep inside. Just because someone loves you does not mean you are right for that someone. It does not mean that you fit. He had flagellated himself for walking away, but now that he was away he could not go back.
Thus it was that the two separated once again, this time for good.