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Triadic Tales - Pearl - Short Story (Part Three)

Triadic Tales - Pearl - Short Story (Part Three)
Merla completed The Rollins Chronicles on her twenty-first birthday. This was not her most amazing feat. That honor goes to her securing a mega-advance within three days of her sixteenth birthday. 
She was able to skip the agent part. She sent her work directly to a young editor who completely understood. 
At sixteen, Merla left her Tea, South Dakota, home for good.
She rode a bus all the way through Chicago to Boston, found Beacon Hill, visited her editor and settled in a small apartment on Mt. Vernon Street. 
None of this came to light until the launch of her 1500 page novel on September 22. 2013. It's history is being made as we speak. 
On the day the book appeared, Merla ceased being Merla.  She became Pearl again. 
No one could find her. She had a a shell that would do any oyster proud. 
Her legend grew. She was a next thing, Gertrude Stein, Danielle Steele, and John Grisham, rolled into one. She  rivaled the rise of gadgets, the colla…