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Triadic Tales - The Hand - Short Story (Part One)

Triadic Tales - The Hand - Short Story (Part One)
The hand we are dealt is the phrase that ran through the mind of Oswald Jagger as he was seeking to recover from a messy divorce and reflecting on his apparent inability to alter a future that seemed doomed to the forces of inexorable gravity. He knew that bread crumbs could be lifted with ease suspended from his finger. But he felt that people like himself would surely fall, in similar circumstances.
He had spent the third night in a row in the reclined front seat of his used Mercedes 240D in front of a truck stop heading West on 1-40. These sleeps were among his few real pleasures. They were deep and without anxiety. He felt that by making himself visible in the most trafficked area of a truck stop, right there by the lighted entrance, he was not likely to be disturbed.  For whatever reason, this had proved accurate.
Over morning coffee, Oswald wrote in his open spiral notebook these words.
"The hand we are dealt is a most destr…