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Triadic Tales - Recovery - Short Story (Part Two)

Triadic Tales - Recovery - Short Story (Part Two)
I almost think he smiled at me. It chills me still. I don't know why I touched him. I guess I do. I couldn't believe he could do such a thing and I felt -- I don't know what I felt. 
Someone here is always watching. Security's intense. I am here because this is my job. 
The man sitting there doesn't move. The boy can't move. The whole thing is weird.
I am like that song. 
When I got married, young, and watched it all unravel, and ended up back home with two kids, I lost my religion.  Like the song. Except I was not in the spotlight. Until now. 
Will I go down in history as the nurse who attended him?  Will I have to explain?  Who knows? 
These days everything is  reality. 
Anyway, here is this boy they say is the devil incarnate, heaping language on him to separate him from them. And yes, he can charm the socks off anyone.
I think we could all be mass murderers underneath. And saints underneath. We have everything ri…