▶ Amor Fati in Triadic Philosophy - Aphorism Seven - YouTube

▶ Amor Fati in Triadic Philosophy - Aphorism Seven - YouTube

Triadic Philosophy Glossary - Amor Fati 

( Love Your Life)

Amor fati means love your life
Amor fati  was Nietzsche's term for the sense that
if life consisted solely of this moment
you would love it
and be content to relive it
Amor fati is linked in Nietzsche to his ideas of 
recurrence and eternal return

Triadic Philosphy embraces
amor fati  
but in the context of  continuity
of moving forward
of chronology
eyes open to the present
seeing what is there
right under our noses
Seizing every present 
as a point at which you sense that truth and beauty
are identical 
as Keats makes clear in his
Ode to A Grecian Urn

Amor fati is unforced
It comes to mind
when heralded
It is dolce far niente
(sweet doing nothing)
in the midst of
whatever you are doing
Loving your life relates to 
the sphere of
all action
in Triadic Philosophy
The Aesthetic
the theater of life is meant 
to fuse truth and beauty 
at every point
not as some compulsive posturing
but as your confident acceptance
of the tendency and purpose of the cosmos
Amor fati

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