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Recent note to the C. S. Peirce List

I define dogma as a deliberate attempt by a social entity to create a basis for dividing individuals on the basis of its premises. Absent this social context it is merely a characteristic, usually applied to a divisive person or group. As a social reality it can be described and measured.
I define reality as everything, as all, as what we can know and what we cannot presently know. It is the realm from which all signs rise.
I define ethics as values rather than virtues or characteristics. Values ascribe worth. Certain values are in my definition general or universal, applying to all. I arrived at my sense of this as an abduction (guess) based on several thousand kids inclining to what I regard as the values underlying the Gospel of Mark. Ethics in my understanding and within the triad reality ethics aesthetics derive from the three active values tolerance, democracy and helpfulness. The underlying or root value is non-idolatry which I take to be the intent of the Biblical advice that we…