Re-industrialization of the US and the World

The reason we are stuck is because we so love oil and cars that we are lost in the miasmal mist (or smog or pollution). We could have a huge industrial renaissance by completely rejecting the idea that cars and oil need be with us as they are now. Oh we could still have both but in a subordinate position. This aha moment would lead to the realization that new industry needs a new car-type megaproduct that will be ten times more desired than cars ever were. I see you panting to know what it is. It is smart surfaces for new construction, the creation of spaces that clean themselves, that are light and soundproof, that work like lego pieces so they can be built in Detroit and assembled in Tea, South Dakota. To have this rebirth we need enough density to create vibrant local communities and enough alternative to today's construction (which is completely wed to cars and oil and therefore obsolete or counter-productive, take your pick) to create an aha moment among consumers. Once we get the hang of new communities we can build all that we need within walking distance and recover proper scale. The economics of this are sensible. We get neighborhood everything and can walk to it. We can live in sparser places because we can build public options that vastly stretch our car-oil stunted imaginations. We can go smaller to live larger. And because smart-surface-creation is the manufacturing future, we can look forward to a ten-fold increase in GDP. And a true new frontier. 

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