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Appearance and Reality - A Binary Error

Appearance and reality are all part of what I mean by Reality. 
Reality is All, Everything, the entirety of what can be supposed, known, seen or guessed.In practice, as one walks the streets, as I just did as a daily regimen, one is bombarded. 
Herald Square and vicinity evidence a plethora of Reality. 
The effort to effect a division between appearance and reality seems to me futile. 

Reality includes appearances. 
Appearances are part of reality.
Reality occupies the unique ontological locus as the source of all signs.
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Triadic is our future should we choose to grasp it.

Teach every child on earth tolerance, democracy, helpfulness and non-idolatry,Merely repeating universal values to oneselflodges ethics for all in the mind.Education boils down to maxims that rise up as one considers things.Ethical values lead to action that can move the world toward truth and beauty.Choose the foundation triad Reality Ethics Aesthetics.Move past 2000 years of binary idiocyBinary nominalism has rendered the triadic mode of the schoolmen weak.Cast minary aside and take a deep breath.Concede we are holographically united with Reality.

Concede the world runs on the values that we choose.Stand tall in the knowledge that we are all artists,all creators, all doers.Triadic is our futureshould we choose to grasp it.Move in the spirit of Gandhi, Einstein,King, Mandela, Francis.RejectEnron, Big Oil, Consumer Glut.Reject subservience tointolerance, plutocracy, the harmful and idolatrous.Choose pilgrim's progressover Superbowl Boulevard.
Triadic Philosophy 100 Aphorisms