Triadic Philosophy Is Constant Self-Education

Triadic Philosophy is never satisfied and never claims completion or perfection.

Triadic Philosophy abhors hype. It keeps on.

Triadic Philosophy accepts the holographic nature of reality.

Education includes the understanding of memorial maxims.

Memory enables us to exercise freedom.

By remembering maxims we can process reality aesthetically.

Memorial maxims are ethical in nature.

Memorial maxims can be single words such as tolerance, democracy and  helpfulness.

Memorial maxims can be short sentences. like, Serve no idols.

Memorial maxims are conscious inner influences.

Memorial maxims fuel the mind and move life forward.

Life is progressive evolution toward realization of 
ontological values.

The ontological values  are tolerance, helpfulness, 
democracy and non-idolatry.

Triadic Philosphy is constant self-education.


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