Triadic Philosophy abhors hype. It keeps on.

Hype is the modern expression of the arts of mystification, deception and persuasion.

Hype is on the lower levels of the aesthetic spectrum.

The aesthetic spectrum runs from ugly (harmful) to beautiful and true (healing, harmless).

Every human expression and/or action has an aesthetic component.

The spectrum that each of us is is exactly the same as the spectrum of aesthetics, ranging from ugly to sublime.

Seeing things as a spectrum is vastly more illuminating than using fixed characterizations.

Nothing is fixed save what is passing. in the moment it goes by.

Our misconceptions of true beauty are largely the product of hype.

The free-thinking person is not prey to hype.

Hype is a regressive aspect of binary culture.

Triadic culture is dominated by the capacity to think pragmatically in terms of reality, ethics and aesthetics.

Hype encourages idolatry and thus undermines universal values.

Triadic culture sees through hype and unveils the binary nature of its masters.

Charity and philanthropy can be masks to obscure the true nature of those who live by hype.

The world which seeks to become democratic is hobbled by hype and the power it tries to conceal.

The Superbowl is hype on parade.

The power of hype is a confluence of advertising, public relations, brute force and the agendas of elites.

Hype cannot stand against truth


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