There Is Only One Valid Way to Deal with Extreme Poverty

Access is the key to dealing with extreme poverty.

Isolation of the extremely poor is a death sentence.

Access for the extremely poor requires a reconceiving of what a city should be.

A city should be primarily a means of access for all who live there.

One of the greatest barriers to access is city planning that zones out rational interplay for things that stratify.

Access and cities are the future of justice.

The country should be for those who are able to support themselves without the need for access.

Cities should be a mix between those who value access and those who need it to survive.

Access by its very nature supports mobility of all kinds.

Social mobility is the way out of poverty.

Access is as simple as having jobs within walking distance of residences.

Access is unjust unless it can accommodate all persons.

The only way to deal with extreme poverty is to declare an end to the isolation of the poor.
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