What's Coming April 4 & Beyond? A Global Democratic Revolution

Millions around the world will start to do something radical and new April 4

Radical means getting to the root and for us our roots are within us and within the community we long for

New means something that was not there before, something that can fire your imagination

We are at THE change point in our human evolution. both radical and new

We  can only get the community we want by altering the way each of us thinks

What is new is that we see change is up to us and that we alone can build the communities we want

We affirm that we are one with all and respect the rights of all

We affirm that we will not accept a world that accepts violence at any level

We will likewise not accept a world which does not give each person a fair opportunity
Our global democratic revolution will  reduce violence and extend opportunity

We will not accept easy slogans that are meant to mobilize by dividing

We will act individually and in groups to extend tolerance, helpfulness and democracy

We will practice universal respect for the rights of every person

We will not waste time in fruitless opposition, we will demonstrate what we affirm

We affirm a global democratic revolution to bring the world to a new stage

We affirm that we are all nomads of the universe - explorers of what it means to be human

We affirm our willingness to work alone and in concert to bring about a global democratic revolution 

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