Cyber means the capacity to create cities anywhere

We will gradually see that a city is nothing if it is not a living community that integrates all of life within its borders.

Cyber means the capacity to create cities anywhere.

A city needs at minimum a population of reasonable size and sufficient compactness to enable easy access to all of its points.

Cities created on the model of triadic world can exist anywhere.

The magic of cyber-cities is their inclusion of all the amenities needed for a full life within walking distance.

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The profit motive is a foundational premise of all activity.

Triadic philosophy sees the profit motive as a foundational premise of all activity.

The profit motive is frustrated by its move to greed which is the quest for immediate gratification at the price of long-term well being.
A global society where everyone is fulfilled is coming into being with the spread of democracy and the growing wisdom of nonviolent change.

The automobile will survive in some form but it will no longer determine how we live.

The automobile will no longer dictate the design of the entire society.

We can see the collapse of the car-oil economy before us - prosperity and profit lie in seeing beyond it.

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Communities of 10,000 persons

In the future, giant matrices will support evolved surfaces to create the spaces we need for all elements of life.

Communities of 10,000 persons 
will be able to live comfortably in an integral environment no more than a mile from side to side.

By creating communities of 10,000  that are compact we will at the same time create viable local economies.

The current housing business serves the objectives of an automobile-oil economy where you need to drive everywhere.

Triadic world assumes the collapse of sprawl from the weight of its own costliness and growing impracticality.

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Beyond the present thinking of architects

  The current weather emergencies are a sign mandating creation of communities beyond the present thinking of architects and designers.

 Triadic world will embrace and foster cyber-communities built with the aid of advanced computer technology.

  Among the current signs of a move beyond present building is the increasing capacity of the 3 D printer to create whole structures on the ground.

  In time it is probable that the components of future cyber-communities can be mass produced.

 The mass production of the surfaces and matrices needed for future building will create enterprises dwarfing current automobile industries.

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From gadgets to global infrastructure

The fruit of a triadic world will be the iteration of new and transformed communities that are integral.

The aesthetic resolution of the relationship between socialism and capitalism will lead to a world where truth and beauty are ever more in evidence.
Computer technology will move more and more from the world of gadgets to the world of our global infrastructure.

The global infrastructure cannot be renewed. It needs to be evolved and reiterated as a sustainable model for the future.

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Welcome to economic justice

 Inherent in the coming change is the elimination of the massive disparity between wealth and poverty.
Economic justice is the fruit of an embrace of tolerance, democracy, helpfulness and non-idolatry.
Triadic philosophy affirms prosperity as a reasonable ideal but rejects the binary distinction between socialism and capitalism.
The essence of socialism is the reasonable and rational regulation of free enterprise.
The essence of capitalism is the creation of wealth by means of useful products that expand markets and lower costs.

 A triadic world will see socialism and capitalism in terms of the root triad of Reality Ethics and Aesthetics.

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Welcome to the end of oil.

Welcome to the end of oil. Accept the eclipse of the automobile. Create a just planet.

Triadic philosophy assumes that the age of the automobile is ending along with the age of oil.

The world has so increased the speed of change that this very century will see developments that lead us past the current age.

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