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Al Jazeera outdoes all other cable news channels

Al Jazeera outdoes all other cable news channels  in straight news coverage,  with fewer talking heads and  much more reporting.
The production on the other  cable news channels is  a predictable formula which renders reporting  secondary by apparent intent.

The channels serve interests  that might not benefit from honest  investigative reporting or an informed electorate.
We do not care about the emotional impact  of events on talking heads. We care to know what is happening to the extent that we can determine  for ourselves what to do.
Obscurantism and personality won't work anymore.

Fracking is like suggesting we drink poison when we're thirsty

Fracking is like suggesting we drink poison when we're thirsty.

The problem with natural gas is that it deludes us into thinking the fossil fuel problem is solved. All it does is delay the agony of the end of oil. Which comes first, the actual running out of the sticky stuff, or the cataclysms of prodigal greenhouse gas emissions and resultant warming?
We will either learn to think long-term or we will be the fools upon the sinking ship of two thousand years of bad valuesand mindless delusion.
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Ted Cruz does harm. Harm is evil. Ted Cruz is evil.

There was nothing in the early '50s that approaches Ted Cruz. He is the product of a media collapse and public apathy, And his own evil.

PS: Ted Cruz is not alone as we all do harm. It's just that the scale of his is more breathtaking.
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