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The need to have a simple form for signups

The Slow as Molasses Press
I Googled the following:"routine way of signing up for anything"and ended up with a page on fitnessWho is minding the storeMy intent was and is to underlinethe need to have a simple form for signupsthat is common to every sitethat wants you to be part of itWhat is reasonable would beREAL NAMEREAL EMAIL(email as username by default)and a unique passwordThat's allWhatever the form is it should becommon All the other stuff these sites wantshould be optionaland have nothing to do withsigning upFinally I flatly refuseto use my mobile phone addressfor a simple reasonI do not want anyonecalling me periodMy mobile phone use is notrelated to getting callsThere it is

NO ONE WILL FOLLOW THIS ADVICEuntil someone comes up witha Facebook-likemethod whichturns out to be as onerousas the profusion ofdiverse waysof joining thingsthat assumes we will becharmed by another differentbit of legerdemainIXNAYNO WAYSimplify or die