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Simple concepts applicable to every subject

The Slow as Molasses Press
I am sure it may be wrong to post this. My reason is that the closing quote below is so common and often lacks the context of the surrounding words. So I will risk repetition anyway. The more I read, the more I think that C. P. really did mean to confine things as suggested in the final sentence below and that the rest is ...
"Aristotle builded upon a few deliberately chosen concepts -- such as matter and form, act and power -- very broad, and in their outlines vague and rough, but solid, unshakable, and not easily undermined; and thence it has come to pass that Aristotelianism is babbled in every nursery, that "English Common Sense," for example, is thoroughly peripatetic, and that ordinary men live so completely within the house of the Stagyrite that whatever they see out of the windows appears to them incomprehensible and metaphysical. Long it has been only too manifest that, fondly habituated though we be to it, the old structure will not d…

It is impossible to define g-d

The Slow as Molasses Press
It is impossible to define g-d just as it is impossible to define science or anything else. All words represent signs which we believe to be universal. But their definitions remain a mystery and the best we can do is deduce or infer from actual experience. For this reason the only form in which g-d can be accessed is by inner experience which may reflect general and universal aspects but which is specific to the individual or group that can document the experience. The same is true of science. It is only in the measured reality of actuality - in actual physical proof that science is either borne out or shown to be, if not imperfect, fallible. All sides of the religion debate are in error if they believe we can do more than Moses was able to do when he inquired who the deity was. The reply he got was I am who I am and I will be who I will be. Everything else is a representation and this is true mainly because we exist in time and the grammar of the statement r…

The Most Important Message You May Ever Read

Daily forgiveness is the only way  our world will move beyond its evil sway This is not kumbya and wimpy stuff  This is hard-nosed  We've had enough "Forgive the wrongs  that we have done  as we forgive those  who do wrong" "Forgive the wrongs  that we have done  as we forgive those  who do wrong" These words  a universal prayer  breed freedom  power  love  and care This is our contract  with Reality  A new start daily  A new liberty

The Slow as Molasses Press