Words evolve in use, organization and meaning

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Words evolve in use, organization and meaning

Much in our own language would be misunderstood by someone from two or three centuries ago and the reverse is also probable.
The evolution today is so speedy that we need subtitles to understand diversities of speech in our own languages

Language itself is hardly fixed whether general or specialized

Think about what words really are

While dictionaries assume the meanings of words, they do not stress the underlying nature of words

We use words to say what is literally on our minds

We think in signs - in the realities that float up within us and that we describe or represent in words

We may not have the "right" words but they are the necessary bridge to the formation of thought

So individually and socially we evolve words and language to complete thought

The phrase "take care" became almost universal after the 1960s, indeed I date it to when the Cat Stevens song "Wild World" appeared with its premonitory thoughts.

The endemic use of the metaphoric word "like" dates from the last few decades - it was never common in colloquial speech when I was younger

The two terms noted carry larger meanings than their brevity would suggest 

Words are evolving at a rapid clip and this is yet another reason why the notion of a static book is less and less tenable  

We are merely becoming more aware of a phenomenon which has most probably accelerated over time

 We are aware both of language's evolution and of our capacity to affect and influence it.

The Abundance Hypothesis - Round One

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Abundance is inherent in Reality

This is the prime hypothesis that can move 
us past the wreckages of communism and capitalism

Abundance is the energy and availability of all that exists including us and all matter

Past ideologies have assumed that we must harness and
secure finite wealth by means of political power and armed might

Past legal systems have lodged ownership either in states or in the coffers of individuals

Past legal systems have protected and hallowed the notion of property as wealth

Past legal systems have given individuals and the state immense power to deter any violation of the sanctity of property

There can be no justice on earth until it is conceded that reality is inherently abundant

Until we concede that reality is inherently abundant all false justifications of ownership remain sanctified
and an excuse for violence

Virtually our entire history can be explained as a gloss on the false assumption that there is not enough
to go around

The anomalies of the present are due in large part to the fact that people are becoming aware that
it is within them to create abundance

The collapse of all present systems awaits only the playing out of the abundance hypothesis
by millions of iterations all over the globe

Triadic Thinking - A Sample

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The American Dream Revised 1

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